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Why 800 Voice Mail

Reasons "Why You Need 800 Voice Mail"

There are many reasons why your business needs 800 voice mail.  Fortune 500 companies have had access to this information for many years.  To stay competitive, you need to know these reasons because it is likely that your competitors are already familiar with them.   Below is a list that details a few of the reasons:

  • Toll Free Numbers Build Credibility

    • 86% of customers associate an 800 number with quality products
    • 58% of magazine ads contain a toll-free number
    • 34% of magazine ads with toll-free numbers display them prominently, versus only 15% of internet address displays.
  • Toll Free Numbers Make Your Business More Accessible to Customers

    • Customers will believe that you want to talk to them.
    • More than 50 percent of the long-distance calls in the U.S. are actually toll free calls.
    • Fund-raising organizations have increased their response approximately 25% by adding an 800 number in commercials, print ads or direct mail pieces.
    • Broaden your market reach.
  • Toll Free Numbers Increase Sales

    • A Bellcore study reveals that 800 number ads outperform local-number ads by six to one.
    • 84% of current Internet users search for product or service information online in order to make a toll free call purchase.
    • The average phone order from a catalog can be 30% to 70% higher than the average mail order.
    • Because telephone buyers use credit cards, they order more merchandise and higher ticket items 95% of the time.
    • A productive ad featuring an 800 number can generate approximately 30% more orders.
  • Voice Mail Increases Productivity

    • 80% of voice mail subscribers feel that voice mail improves their productivity on the job.
    • The editors of Teleconnect magazine estimate that voice mail cuts call-backs by 50%.
  • Customers Expect Voice Mail

    • A study by the Voice Messaging Educational Committee found:
      A majority of callers prefer leaving a voice mail message to leaving a message with a receptionist or operator. 
    • Only 22% of callers that reach voice mail hang up, and 78% leave a message.
  • Voice Mail Makes Your Business More Accessible to Customers

    • According to an AT&T study, 75% of calls go un-answered.
    • Voice mail systems are rated second only to the telephone as an invaluable communication system. (Ranking higher than fax, memos, lettes, and e-mail)

Toll free voice mail will allow you to maximize the advantages of a toll free number, just like fortune 500 companies,  but at a cost that any business can afford. 

Massive corporations can afford to install hundreds of telephone lines.  They can afford to have those lines answered by expensive call center equipment, and they can afford the salaries for the technical personnel that keep the entire system working smoothly. 

With toll free voice mail, you receive all of the benefits that massive corporations enjoy, but without the overhead.  Your toll free number will be answered by your very own call center, no matter how many simultaneous calls you receive.  Your system will be maintained by expert technicians who perform routine maintenance, monitoring, and system backups.  While you are focusing on building your business, our focus is on ensuring the reliability of your 800 voice mail.  So the most important benefit is that you will never miss a call, and never miss another sale. 


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A Bellcore study reveals that 800 number ads outperform local-number ads by six to one.

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