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Reseller Opportunities

800 Voice Mail Reseller Opportunities

Reseller, Dealer, and Referal Opportunities.

Now you can make money selling all of our services including Voice Mail, Fax Mail, Virtual Office, Virtual PBX and Toll Free services without any cost or financial risk.  We will train you and provide all of the sales support to get your business going.

If you have a customer base or group affiliation, you can market all of our services and provide extraordinary value to your members, or  increase revenues to subsidize group operations.

Resellers buy from us at a deep discount and resell to their customers at their own prices and terms. We can offer such discounts because resellers do their own billing and customer service.

Dealer and Referral opportunities are available that provide a commission for each product sold. In these scenarios we will take  care of the billing and customer service.

Contact us today for further information. 

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Call us if you have any other questions.  We love to hear from our customers.

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