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Specialty Products

High Volume and Specialty Services

Our extraordinary capabilities really shine through when we're asked to provide high volume or specialty solutions that others cannot deliver.  We frequently stun our customers with an ability to deliver solutions that our competitors assure "couldn't be possible." If your needs don't fit a pre-defined mold, or if you require customization of our off-the-shelf services, please don't hesitate to ask.  Our software engineers have been developing solutions for all sorts of companies, from small businesses through large international corporations such as ITT.  We look forward to developing a custom solution to meet your needs.  

A few of the more common high volume or custom solutions are described below: 

High-Volume Applications

We frequently assist our clients with their high-volume call response needs.  Typical requests are to field advertisement response calls for television or event advertising.  We can forward those calls to your telephone lines, while holding callers in queue waiting for an available operator.  Please contact us for special rates on high-volume applications.

Multi-Topic Information Hotline

Multi-topic information hotlines can be the most productive and affordable way to make a variety of information available to your callers.  This is a flexible system that will handle an unlimited number of items and allow you to modify the information at your leisure.  After your hotline is configured, you can track the activity on your hotline because the system will automatically fax you detailed reports of call activity on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  Just give us a call and we can deliver a solution that will in most cases reduce your costs to ten percent (10%) or less than any other solution.  Please contact us for special rates on multi-topic information hotline services.

Group Applications

Most associations and membership organizations are in business to share information with their members. An automated voice system is an ideal medium to make information instantly available to members on a 24-hour per day, 7-day per week basis.  A variety of groups or associations will find our group service is a powerful way to keep members or distributors informed and motivated, as well as provide recorded information and fax on-demand for prospective callers.

The company, or a group administrator can have a central configuration that controls all information content, including recorded messages and fax documents. Each group member can then have a clone of that setup with their own local or 800 telephone number, which they can use or promote.

Whenever the company makes a change in a recording or fax document, that change is automatically made in all member systems simultaneously.

The company can also send system wide and/or group messages to members no extra cost!
Call today to arrange for your group system and to learn more about what we can do to help your group.

Custom Applications

Our company employs expert developers that can create a solution to match any of your communication needs.  Depending on the complexity, in many cases we can deliver custom applications for less than our competitors charge for their off-the-shelf services.  Call today to learn more about our custom application capabilities.



"86% of customers believe that an 800 number connotes high quality products or services."

Atlanta Business Chronicle

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